martial arts and health preservation as a way of life.

located in Klamath Territory, southern Oregon, USA

We offer classes in Qi Gong, Tai Ji, Kung Fu, Weapons and more for all levels.  We strive to build a Wudang community in the West honing our skills together and creating modern traditions out of the ancient ways.  Immersion and dedicated focus is the backbone of our school.  We create an environment where students can experience what it is like to train full time, take a step out of the grind of society and go deep into this discipline.

Wudang Internal Martial Arts are based in Daoist principles and practices.  Daoism is a way of following the nature of the seasons of life.  Often Daoist monks would retreat to the mountains to cultivate.  We integrate wilderness survival skills and living with the Earth into our immersion program, to find a deeper connection with the Great Dao through nature.  Healing is taught through medicinal plants, massage, moxabustion, cuppings, gua sha, fire, scripture and qi gong.

We evolve with the times of humanity and are constantly striving to integrate these valuable modalities into daily life with realistic goals.  We teach students how to teach themselves so that they can take the martial and health preservation methods home with them into whatever lives they are living.