Testimonial from ~Victoria~

Victoria, participant of Apprenticeship at Sharpening Stone, Oregon 2018

You are different from most people who assume their roles as “leaders”…

“I really need to communicate to you how grateful I still am for the two months I worked with and learned from you. I would say that it’s the most beautiful, valuable, and spiritually memorable experience of my life time. The work on the land brought my heart hope about my existence that I thought I could never feel again.

I mostly need you to understand that the work you are doing can help change the world, even if it’s just one lost soul at a time.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. Even seeking help from not so helpful “professionals” — doctors, therapists, personal trainers. But the one thing I could never see as a mistake, and for which I am forever grateful, is finding you. It brought me closest to the Dao as no other experience ever has.

When some of us are “fortunate” enough to find *you*, Lindsey, or be led to you…

…we are being given an opportunity to work together *with* you, to enhance our existence as the tiny organisms we are in this universe…so we can get the bigger picture, of everyone’s purpose as a larger whole.

You are different from most people who assume their roles as “leaders,” but have an arrogant and even delusional sense of authority to tell the world who or how to be. Your humility and self-doubt is just part of the gift you’ve been given. You are closer to what I would envision a modern female Lao-Zu being. He wrote Tao Te Ching not because he had a “right” to do so. He did it because he empathized with the people. He understood those of us who’ve been low and feel stuck. He saw the bigger picture. And that is part of the gift of an effective teacher.

In the program, you embodied water which Lao Tzu talks about in chapter 8. I saw it with my own eyes.

8 The person of higher virtue is like water, benefiting the ten thousand things without struggle. It rests in the lowest places near the Tao. Therefore: In dwelling, choose modest quarters, in thinking, value stillness, in dealing with others, be kind, in choosing words, be sincere, in leading, be just, in working, be competent, in acting, choose the correct timing. Follow these words and there will be no error.

Please don’t allow any skewed interpretations (internal or external) of the work you do ever stop you from helping guide us (a little, or a lot) to be closer to the Dao. What you’re doing is just right, like Yin and Yang, as you adjust your form like water.

I feel so grateful to have found you, Lindsey.¬† Thank you so much.”

-Victoria Feb 12, 2019