2020 Schedule

Our 2020 Schedule will be comprised of week long courses, ranging from 5-9 days, as well as 2 day weekend seminars, each course focusing on a different art or skill.  All courses will include foundations of Kung Fu training, Meditation, and elements of Daoist Healing and Recovery methods.  Week long courses take place in Ukiah, CA and are camps in the mountains.  This exposure to Nature allows us ample opportunity to connect with the rhythm of the season, sun and moon, the animals and the elements.


March 16-21  Five Immortals Temple Family Gathering (Ukiah, CA) CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19

*This course is limited to those who have previously attended Five Immortals Temple or programs at WWH.

April 12-18  Movement and Wilderness Camp (Ukiah, CA) POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

May 1-2 Oregon State Hanmadang (Eugene, OR) *Lindsey will be performing and judging CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19

May 11-17 Eight Immortal Staff Camp (Ukiah, CA) POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

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July 4-12  Wudang Ba Gua Camp (Ukiah, CA)

now offering online version!


August 1-9 Wudang Sword Camp (Ukiah, CA)

grand re-opening following new cdc guidelines!


Semptember 26-27 Heavenly Horse Tai Ji Weekend Seminar (Eugene, OR)

Master Bing Seminar TBA

December  Yang Sheng Gong Life Cultivation for Human and Bio Char Cultivation for Earth (Ukiah, CA)

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Eight Immortals Staff:


Eight Immortals Staff is a San Feng Sect form depicting the legendary characters known as the Eight Immortals in Daoist lore.  The movements are unique and powerful with hints of drunken style and theatrics.  We will also learn basic partner drills for applying martial concepts with the staff and explore controlled sparring.

Dragon Heart Ba Gua -Stepping Patterns and Daoist Principles: 


Students will explore a very old and rare style of Ba Gua known as Chun Yang Ba Bu, also known as Long Xin Zhang, Dragon Heart Palm.  This style is currently only taught in its entirety at the Five Immortals Temple in China via a lineage which stretches back one thousand years to Tang Dynasty Lu Dong Bin.

“The Eight Step Heavenly Big Dipper Palm is ancient and unadorned, refined and rare,transcending the mundane, and casting off the conventional.”

In this course on the complex art of Ba Gua, we will cover basic circle walking stepping methods, the sacred patterns, Daoist theory, and begin to learn the 8 steps of Chun Yang Sect’s Ba Bu Long Xin Zhang form.  This is not only a martial art but also a ceremony and healing practice.  To read more about Ba Gua from the Five Immortals Temple website click here.

Seven Star Sword 49 Postures:

img_1341This is a double edged straight sword form from Wudang Mountain Chun Yang Sect.  It is characterized by ba gua stepping, fluid and circular movements, like the spirit of the dragon.  It is as much a ceremonial practice, enriched with prayer and empowerment, as it is a container for developing traditional martial weapons skills.  In this seminar we will learn the 49 postures of this form, its ceremonial elements, as well as some practical applications of how to wield a sword in combat.  Those attending must bring their own sword.  Please contact us ahead of time if you need help ordering one.

Heavenly Horse Tai Chi 36 Postures: 


Here we will be introduced to the 36 postures of a Tai Chi form from White Horse Mountain.  We will explore the methods of Fire and Water, 2 ways to approach the practice of Tai Chi.   When Tai Chi is executed in the Fire method, it is characterized by low stance work, spiraling movement, and fa-jing power (wave or whip-like strikes), it is invigorating and demanding.  When Tai Chi is practiced in the Water method it is soft, relaxed and for the main purpose of health and longevity. Both methods are a moving meditation which can help ease stress, provide peace of mind-body, correct structural alignment, and offer strength and flexibility. Students will learn basic movements such as Tai Ji Pillar, Standing Meditation Alignment, Cloud Hands, Silk Reeling, as well as stepping patterns like Brush Knee and Part the Horses Mane.  Morning and evening meditation and qi gong basics will be part of everyday.  Beginners welcome! Experienced practitioners will also get a lot of technique and knowledge out of this course.