2020 Schedule

Our 2020 Schedule will be comprised of week long courses, ranging from 5-9 days, as well as 2 day weekend seminars, each course focusing on a different art or skill.  All courses will include foundations of Kung Fu training, Meditation, and elements of Daoist Healing and Recovery methods.  Week long courses take place in Ukiah, CA and are camps in the mountains.  This exposure to Nature allows us ample opportunity to connect with the rhythm of the season, sun and moon, the animals and the elements.


January 4-26  Lindsey will be studying  Muay Thai Chaiya under Pedro in Thailand

February  Private Classes in Sebastopol, CA and Guerneville, CA

March  Private Classes in Sebastopol, CA and Guerneville, CA

March 16-21  Five Immortals Temple Family Gathering (Ukiah, CA)

*This course is limited to those who have previously attended Five Immortals Temple or programs at WWH.

April 12-18  Movement and Wilderness Camp (Ukiah, CA)

*See our last year’s  Alive Camp: Survival and Internal Martial Arts 

May 1-2 Oregon State Hanmadang (Eugene, OR) *Lindsey will be performing and judging

May 11-17 Eight Immortal Staff Camp (Ukiah, CA)

July 4-12  Wudang Ba Gua Camp (Ukiah, CA)

August 1-9 Wudang Sword Camp (Ukiah, CA)

Semptember 26-27 Heavenly Horse Tai Ji Weekend Seminar (Eugene, OR)

Master Bing Seminar TBA

December  Yang Sheng Gong Life Cultivation for Human and Bio Char Cultivation for Earth (Ukiah, CA)

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