The Sharpening Stone Apprenticeship

Wudang White Horse has recently moved its immersion program to the mountains of Southern Oregon on the site of the Sharpening Stone Primitive Skills Gathering.  Students can now live on the land where our full time martial training will take place.  We are very excited to see the program develop into the way it has always intended to be, living close with the Earth and learning from the Great Dao in the temples of Nature.

The curriculum of this unique apprenticeship will follow the birthing cycle of the Five Elements:  Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal


Water element resides in the North.  It’s season is Winter.  It’s color is black.  In this portion of the course we will focus on our inner stillness through Meditation and Alchemical Concepts.  We will build a foundation in Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  We will explore the survival skills that can be associated with Water, such as, Caretaking a Spring, Water Filtration, Fishing, Body Control, and Blindfolded training.


Wood element resides in the East.  It’s season is Spring.  It’s color is green.  In this portion of the course we will focus on the weapon Staff, as well as the skills of archery and bowmaking, basketry and basic wood carving skills.  We will gather and process firewood for winter, cook fires, and ceremonial fires.  We will contribute to the community by planting an orchard.


Fire element resides in the South.  It’s season is Summer.  It’s color is red.  In this portion of the course we will focus on Daoist Medicine and the various ways that fire is used to heal.  We will explore Fire style Tai Chi and Fa Jing power, as well as Healing Qi Gong and Big Dipper Body Protection Hard Qi Gong.  We will also explore the essential skill of Fire by Friction.


Earth element resides in the Center.  It’s season is the transition between seasons.  It’s color is yellow.  In this portion of the course we will focus on the martial ceremony of Ba Gua with its special walking patterns that manifest on the ground as sacred geometric symbols.  We will build various group and solo shelters from the earth, digging a root cellar, explore gardening, wild edible and medicinal plants,  pottery and primitive cooking, tracking the landscape and the way of the scout.


Metal element resides in the West.  It’s season is Autumn.  It’s color is white.  In this portion of the course we will focus on learning Wudang double edged straight sword.  Students will also have the chance to learn bladesmithing, forge their own blade, and how to sharpen an edge.

Included in the course is the opportunity to attend the Sharpening Stone Primitive Skills Gathering May 16-21st.

To complete the course our final journey will be a 5 day semi-survival wander through the landscape, integrating everything we have learned into body, heart, and mind, as well as following the tradition of the Wandering Daoist Hermit.

Daily Schedule:

5 full training days per week/ 6 hours per day

1 day rest (on this day students have a chance to go into town to do laundry, buy food, use internet, etc)

1 community work day (on this day we contribute to the betterment of the Land and achieve basic essentials to community life on the land such as caretaking, planting, gardening, building, cleaning, etc.)

Sunrise 6-7:30am Qi Gong

10am-12noon Martial Training

3-5pm Martial Training or Primitive Skills

Sit spot at sunset

Evening sitting meditation (solo and/or group)

Off hours are for rest, self training, working on the skills and arts learned, and meals.

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