Food and Lodging 2022

This year we will be running our intensive courses at Cedar Bloom Farm.  Located in the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon, on 100 acres of forested land, nestled alongside the Illinois River, just east of the Rogue River and Siskiyou National Forest.  Check out all the information here:


Cedar Bloom Hip Camp: $40/night All information click here.

Students will camp in whatever personal gear they bring, such as: tent, wall tent, bell tent, van, camper, or trailer.

Laundry will be done in town on rest days.


Luxurious Outdoor Kitchen equipped with gas stoves, counter space, cookware and utensils.  Students will bring pack in their own food bought in town and also pack out trash.  All meals each individual is responsible for themselves or can collaborate freely with others.  Students will do all of their own food shopping in town on rest days.   Students will bring a week’s worth of provisions at a time and prepare their own meals in the student kitchen.  Students can collaborate for meals if they want to and occasionally we will have organized group meals.  Those traveling without a vehicle, we will take you to the store for provisions when we pick you up.  If you are not arriving with your own vehicle, you will get a ride into town and help with food shopping from students or instructors on rest days as well.  Closest town is Cave Junction 5minutes from camp.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions on Accommodation and Living.


  1.  Shelter- e.g. camping tent, wall tent, bell tent, tipi, van, trailer, you choose! Remember to bring a headlamp or flashlight. We highly recommend also bringing a camping chair to sit in.
  2.   Warmth- e.g. sleeping bag, sleeping pad, blankets, pillow, sweaters, jackets, plus layers, t-shirts and clothing for warm sunny days.
  3.   Water bottles, cup for drinking
  4.   Food utensils such as fork, spoon, plate.
  5.   Gear- running shoes or training shoes, training clothes, meditation cushion, knife for carving (we recommend morakniv) and primitive skills, foam roller, sunscreen, bug spray, jump rope.
  6. For courses with weapons training, arrange with us in advance whether you will be bringing your own sword/staff/fan, or if we need to pre order one for you.
  7. Notebook/ journal/ pen