Residential Program

Take the time to go deep into the practice of Wudang Internal martial arts and self healing.  This is a 3 month training program designed to teach martial discipline and daoist philosophy as a way of life.  Wake up, train, eat, study, train, meditate, sleep.  You will spend 3 months in Northern California studying under Lindsey Wei .  Finish with an optional trip to China to train under and Grandmaster Li Song Feng .  Students who choose to take this trip will have the chance to go through disciple ceremony entering the Chun Yang Sect of Wudang.



  SPRING/ SUMMER 2018! We have a very special new program taking place in Rogue River, Oregon on the Sharpening Stone Primitive Skills Gathering Land starting sometime in late April and continuing into July.  Details and exact dates will be released by end of December!  Stay tuned and contact us if interested in the meantime! … Continue reading Schedule

Food and Lodging

Residential students must move to or already live within range of Sonoma County, CA (Sebastopol), for 3 months.   We train 16-24hrs per week.  There is time throughout the week for rest and so that if students need to work part-time, they have the freedom to do that. Students must find their own housing.  We can … Continue reading Food and Lodging


Tuition Main Course Curriculum $836 usd per month ($2,508 usd Total 3 month program) OR pay in advance $2400 for entire 3 month program Cross Training (optional extra curricular) $45/month = Parkour Cross- Training 1 hr/wk $50/month= Capoeira Cross-Training 2hr/wk $50/month = Bando/Systema Cross-Training 2hr/wk If you elect to cross train you may choose any … Continue reading Tuition


Main Wudang Curriculum Personal Sacred Area Qi Gong – standing meditation, long qi gui yuan, tu gu na xin, bone marrow washing, hun yuan gong, (possibly: 8 silk brocade, wudang 5 animals) Gong Fu Basics -kicks, strikes, blocks, sequences, jumps Strength and Flexibility Heavenly Horse Tai Chi 36 Tai Chi Basics -silk reeling, fa jin, … Continue reading Curriculum

Cross Training

Parkour Bando Capoeira Wilderness Skills CROSS TRAINING We encourage our students to cross train in other styles of martial arts to become more well rounded practitioners.  A familiarity and base foundation in multiple arts is essential to becoming a complete fighter.  We have built connections with a network of high level local instructors in the … Continue reading Cross Training