Food and Lodging

Sharpening Stone Food and Lodging

The Sharpening Stone Land is 30 acres in the mountains of Southern Oregon outside of Grants Pass.  It runs on solar and hydro power.  It features creek access, pond, lush vegetable and herb garden, archery range, bow shop, flintknapping pit and forge.   At Wudang White Horse we believe in the process of stepping outside of the comforts of society, and returning to the rhythm of Nature.


Students will camp in whatever personal gear they bring, such as: tent, wall tent, tipi, van, camper, trailer, or tiny house.

Outdoor Solar Hot Showers.

Outdoor composting toilets.

Laundry will be done in town on rest days.

Limited Wifi available as well as the opportunity to do online work on rest days in town.

Outdoor Kitchen equipped with 2 cobb ovens, 4 gas stoves, counter space, sink, some cookware and utensil.  Students will bring their own cooler for food storage, as well as 1 tote for dried food storage.

5 days per week 2 people on a rotating schedule will be assigned to cook as a team for the group.  All other meals each individual is responsible for themselves or can collaborate freely with others.  Students will do all of their own food shopping in town on rest days.

No Pets allowed.

All utilities included in accommodation fee.  All students will be responsible to contribute to work duties of maintaining facilities used such as outdoor kitchen, solar showers, composting toilets, etc.

Indoor Community Space is available for hanging out, studying, training, etc.

Most of our training and class time will occur in the beauty of nature and outdoor training platforms, however we also have an indoor training space for rainy weather conditions or specific lecture style classes.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions on Accommodation and Living.



  1.  Shelter- e.g. camping tent, wall tent, bell tent, tipi, van, trailer, you choose!
  2.   Warmth- e.g. sleeping bag, sleeping pad, blankets, pillow, sweaters, jackets, mud boots, plus layers, t-shirts and clothing for warm sunny days as well.
  3.   Water bottles, cup for drinking
  4.   Food utensils such as fork, spoon, plate.  Highly suggested to bring a cooler for cold food storage, plus a tote for dried food storage
  5.   Gear- running shoes or training shoes, training clothes, double edged straight sword (if you have),  staff (if you have), fan (if you have), jump rope, 5 lb leg weights, meditation cushion, journal, knife for carving and primitive skills