We have a very special new program taking place in Rogue River, Oregon on the Sharpening Stone Primitive Skills Gathering Land starting sometime in late April and continuing into July.  Details and exact dates will be released by end of December!  Stay tuned and contact us if interested in the meantime!

Now accepting applicants! Contact us!

Registration Deadline February 2018

Month 1 focus: Kung Fu Basics/ Longevity/Qi Gong/ Tai Chi/ Sitting Meditation

Month 2 focus: Healing Qi Gong/ Scripture/ Ba Gua

Month 3 focus: Scripture/ Ba Gua/ Tai Chi/ Sword

After the Program…  Optional China Trip or Continued weekly training at Wudang White Horse Academy, California

At any point upon completion of the program, whether directly after or in the future, all residential students are encouraged to travel to China to train under Grandmaster Li Song Feng and and continue to elevate their knowledge and skill at the Five Immortals Temple.  If students choose to do this, they will apply for a course in China and make all arrangements on their own.  We can help guide in the process of planning this trip.

Some students have stayed to continue training here at our Academy, to have some extra time to integrate the things they have learned in a less rigorous schedule, as well as finding time and space to participate in more cross training with alternate instructors here.  There is also the possibility to be selected as an assistant instructor at SHDWBX studio.

Intensives and Seminars during the months of the Residential Program are all included and part of the progression of the course!  See Upcoming Seminars and Intensives Here!