Main Course Curriculum

$836 usd per month ($2,508 usd Total 3 month program)

OR pay in advance $2400 for entire 3 month program

Cross Training (optional extra curricular)

$45/month = Parkour Cross- Training 1 hr/wk

$50/month= Capoeira Cross-Training 2hr/wk

$50/month = Bando/Systema Cross-Training 2hr/wk

If you elect to cross train you may choose any or all of these arts.  These fees are paid direct to individual instructors.

China Trip (optional, highly encouraged)

please check

To apply please send an email introducing yourself and we will send you a simple application.  After we have approved the application, student must register by paying deposit of $836 which counts towards total Tuition.

Payment methods:

In person- cash or check

By mail- personal check

Online- Paypal

or Credit Card through

Wire transfer- contact Lindsey for details