Take the time to go deep into the practice of Wudang Internal martial arts and self healing.  This is an immersion training program designed to teach martial discipline and daoist philosophy as a way of life.  Wake up, train, eat, study, train, meditate, sleep. This year we have 2 separate sessions of 3 week blocks.


Session 1:  June 16- July 7, 2021  Klamath County, OR

Session 2:  Aug 11-Sept 1, 2021 Klamath County, OR

Example of a week to week schedule progression from previous programs:

(Scheduled content may change dynamically according to the progress of the course and the levels of students.  This year 2021, we have 2 separate sessions of 3 weeks each, so content will be a variety of what is listed here.  These are 2 separate sessions, it is not necessary to attend both, although you are welcome to attend both if you like.  Stars * indicate what is for sure offered in both sessions as fundamentals.  Forms such as Ba Gua, Da Gong, Sword, and Tai Ji will be selected based on student interest and instructor’s discretion.)

Week 1

*Yang Sheng Gong (Pure Light Body Repairing Gong)

*Gong Fu Basics

*Sitting Meditation Principles and Theory

Scripture of Purity and Stillness (清静经 Qing Jing Jing)

Introduction to Daoist liturgy and the Morning and Evening Scriptures

*Daoist Life Cultivation Theory


Herbs Gathering and Decoctions

New Moon Ceremony

Week 2

*Qi Gong Standing Pillars

Tai Ji Fundamentals

Eight Great Incantations (八大咒 Ba Da Zhou)

*Yin Yang Five Movements/Elements Theory

*Gua Sha “Scraping” Therapy

*Sitting Meditation

Week 3

*Healing Qi Gong/ Sun Gazing

Primitive Fire Making, Basketry, Archery

*Principles of Internal Alchemy

*Fire Healing

*Sitting Meditation

Full Moon Ceremony

Week 4

Eight Step Dragon Heart Ba Gua

Scripture:  singing and percussion

Yi Jing Casting

Meridians Theory

*Sitting Meditation

New Moon Ceremony

Week 5

Eight Step Dragon Heart Ba Gua

Big Dipper Body Protection Hard Qi Gong


*The Daoist Healer: Skills and Self-Cultivation

Week 6

Eight Step Dragon Heart Ba Gua

Big Dipper Body Protection Hard Qi Gong

*The Daoist Healing Process

*Cupping Therapy


Full Moon Ceremony

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