Take the time to go deep into the practice of Wudang Internal martial arts and self healing.  This is an immersion training program designed to teach martial discipline and daoist philosophy as a way of life.  Wake up, train, eat, study, train, meditate, sleep. This year we have 2 separate sessions of 14 day blocks with our basic curriculum plus one focus art.


Session 1- focus art Tai Ji –  May 1-15   Cave Junction, OR

Session 2- focus art Ba Gua –  August 12-26   Cave Junction, OR

Weekly Schedule:

4 full training days per week/ 6-7 hours per day

1 day rest (on this day students have a chance to go into town to do laundry, buy food, use internet, etc)

Daily Schedule:

Sunrise 6-7:30am Qi Gong


10am-12noon Martial Training


3-5pm Martial Training


8-9pm Seated Meditation

Email us to register!

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