Pure Light Repairing Body Gong

纯阳 CHUN YANG 养生功 YANG SHENG GONG Pure Light Body – Skill of Nourishing Life

Yang Sheng Gong means « Skill of Nourishing Life » or « Practice of Cultivating Life ». It is a fundamental body of knowledge aiming at preserving or restoring health and balance in body, Heart-Mind, and Spirit. Drawing from the ancient Daoist understanding of the natural laws, we will learn ways to unify ourselves with Heaven and Earth so as to generate harmony and accumulate Life Energy, thus promoting health, long life, balance and clarity.

Content of Week 1 : Yang Sheng Gong Movements, Theory and Principles

The Pure Yang lineage’s Yang Sheng Gong is made of 3 sets of 9 movements each. Accessible to all no matter the age or the physical condition, they are a treasure of efficiency and coherence. Increasing the flow of Qi and blood in the body, removing blockages and expelling toxins, and harmonising body, Heart-Mind, and Spirit, the practice of Yang Sheng Gong generates health, long life and clarity. The first set, corresponding to Human, unlocks the joints and opens up the physical and energy bodies. The second set, corresponding to Earth, includes specific breathing methods and stomping steps that activate the flow of energy, thus increasing the release of toxins and promoting even more Qi and blood circulation. The third set, corresponding to Heaven, is made of various standing meditation postures, and engages the practitioner in the cultivation of stillness while circulating Qi internally.

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