Sitting Meditation and Stillness Cultivation

Sitting Meditation and Stillness Cultivation:

Throughout the 6 week Apprenticeship, we will maintain a daily practice of sitting meditation. Stillness Cultivation is most fundamental of all Daoist Arts to cultivate Essence, Qi and Spirit. Our practice as a collective will allow us to establish a solid routine, so as to restore and accumulate Qi, stabilize in Stillness, purify the Heart-Mind and open Innate Wisdom. We will also explore collective practice methods specifically designed to enhance and accelerate one’s Healing.

Content of Week 1 : Stillness Cultivation Principles according to the Scripture of Purity and Stillness (清静经 Qing Jing Jing)

The Qing Jing Jing is a foundational Scriptures of the Daoist lineages, similar to the Heart Sutra in Buddhism.  It is of profound significance as a guidance for spiritual cultivation. We will study the Scripture in Chinese and its meaning, and learn the recitation method to be able to chant it during the Morning Scriptures Ceremony.

We will also study the Three Regulations to enter Stillness and other concrete methods to initiate a solid practice of sitting meditation.

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