Tuition and Registration 2021

Apprenticeship (3 weeks)

$1,350 Full Program 

…includes 90+ hrs of instruction, and camping space with your own gear, does NOT include meals

Partial Program

10 days = $950

5 days= $500

We highly recommend attending the full program, however, we understand if not everyone can achieve this.  We will not be offering any payment options less than 5 class days.  If you can only attend for less than 5 days, the price is still $500.  It is best for you to arrive on a rest day or community day, spend five full class days, and leave on a rest day or community day.  This will not be counted as a day.  We reserve the right to change the schedule as needed for the group or situation, if this somehow affects the number of class days you are present for, your tuition is still no less than $500.

See Food and Lodging for information on amenities.

To register– contact us with an email introducing who you are, which session you would like to take, and where you will be traveling from,  (if you have never taken a course with us, we may have some prerequisites for you to fulfill via the archives).  Applicants must be between the ages of 21-49.  If you are outside of this age range, keep an eye out for different courses offered.

To secure your space (after we have accepted your application and engaged via email), all accepted participants will need to submit a non-refundable deposit of $200, remaining balance due prior to or upon arrival.

We will only be accepting 7 participants per session.  Once those spaces are filled we will open a waiting list (you do not need to pay the deposit until pulled off the waiting list.)

Notice: If for unforeseen reasons, we should have to cancel the course, prior to start up or mid way through, due to pandemic shutdowns or fire threat/fire evacuation, please understand that your deposit and tuition will not be refunded, however, it will be pro-rated and credited to a future in person course or online course.  We hope you can understand this policy in our current pandemic times.  Our training grounds are located in “fire country” and we have been faced with more and more mega fires throughout the summers.  We do have back-up locations to attempt to continue the course in the event of fire evacuation.    

If a student should cancel their participation in a course midway through, due to health ailments or family emergency or otherwise, tuition will not be refunded but may be prorated and forwarded as credit to future courses under the discretion of the Instructor depending on the nature of why you left early.  If a student becomes sick within 2 weeks prior to the course and cannot attend to protect the safety of others, their deposit is still non-refundable.

Deposit payment methods:

PayPal or Wix (link will be posted soon)

Tuition payment methods:

In person upon arrival to your course- cash or check (preferred)

By mail- personal check or money order (contact us for mailing address)

Transferwise- or direct wire transfer – contact us for details

Notice:  We will not accept immersion tuition payments via Credit Card, Wix, Venmo, nor PayPal.  You must bring cash/check or  pay ahead of time via transferwise or direct wire.  Your full tuition remaining balance will be due upon arrival, day 1.