Wudang Lineage

Liu Li Han

  Liu Li Han 22nd, generation Chun Yang Born 1901 Around 1920, Liu Li Han, 22nd generation renunciant became the disciple to Wang Zhi Dao. Liu Li Han was to mark the end of single disciple transmission due to the oncoming modern era and cultural revolutions which his lifetime would face. After Wang Zhi Dao … Continue reading Liu Li Han

Tao Fa Zhen

Tao Fa Zhen, 29th generation Long Men Tao Fa Zhen, 29th generation Long Men Renunciant, was born in 1915 Ankang, Shaanxi. She began studying the Dao at age seven following her uncle who was an at home practitioner of the Zheng Yi Pai. She renunciated in Lou Guan Tai under the same master as Ren … Continue reading Tao Fa Zhen

Li Song Feng

Li Song Feng, 30th generation Long Men, 23rd generation Chun Yang.  Abbot of Five Immortals Temple, White Horse Mountain, Wudang, China.  Renunciant and High Priest of Daoist Ceremony.  Healer and Gong Fu Master. Born in 1964, in Henan Province, Shang Qiu, At the age of 12 he began to study the external martial arts of … Continue reading Li Song Feng

Wei Cheng Ling

Wei Cheng Ling, 魏诚灵, 24th generation Chun Yang Sect of Wudang Daoism, (Shi Ling, 魏世灵 31st generation Long Men Dragon Gate).  Cheng Ling (Lindsey Wei) trained in the Wudang Mountains under her master Li Song Feng for 9 years. Lindsey’s Wu Shu training began in 2004 at Beijing’s Capitol Sports University for 2 years.  She … Continue reading Wei Cheng Ling