Li Song Feng

Li Song Feng, 30th generation Long Men, 23rd generation Chun Yang.  Abbot of Five Immortals Temple, White Horse Mountain, Wudang, China.  Renunciant and High Priest of Daoist Ceremony.  Healer and Gong Fu Master.

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Born in 1964, in Henan Province, Shang Qiu,
At the age of 12 he began to study the external martial arts of Shaolin, the internal martial arts of Mount Wudang as well as the classical scriptures of Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity and Islam. He traveled to many high mountains of China in order to seek out grandmasters, he was accepted as disciple by many masters and therefore has received many religious names. At the beginning of 1991 he became officially a devotee to Taoism/follower of the Tao, in 1996 he left his homeland officially became a renunciation in Mount Wudang and found his own path in Hubei province, White Horse Mountain. In very harsh conditions he experiences a lot of suffering and hardships, studied Wudang Internal Alchemy cultivation practices form his masters and received the transmissions of Taoist Medicine and Taoist talismans, rituals and mantras and other Wudang Tao Arts. In 2000 he became the abbot of the Five Immortals Temple, he is a Mount Wudang Dragon Gate Sect and Pure Yang Sect High Priest and Master of Jing Chan Ceremonies.